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Welcome to the homepage for White
Rose Webring!

White Rose Webring is open to all business and private Web pages created by or for Yorkshire people. ( White Rose Webring reserves the right to reject any sites which we feel would not be beneficial for the webring as a whole).

That's all there is to it! White Rose Webring is about creating traffic around our Web pages and hopefully helping to create a community spirit among page creators and visitors.

How to Join White Rose Webring

(1) Fill out the following form.

Submit Your Site to White Rose Webring
Site Title:
Site URL:

Please choose a password. (Don't forget it!!)
Keywords: Enter up to 20 keywords to describe your site. Leave a space after each word.
Description: Enter a short description of your site.

(2) Once you have clcked "Submit Site" almost in the twinkling of an eye or faster you will receive via email an html fragment from White Rose Webring. Copy & paste the fragment onto the page you wish White Rose Webring to appear. If you are unsure about copying and pasting the basic method is described in red below.

NOTE: If you are not responsible for your Web Page just tell your Webmaster that you wish to join White Rose Webring and give him a copy of the code - he will know what to do.

The fragment will look similar to this (see box below) except that "YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS" and "YOUR_NAME" will be replaced by the details you entered in the form. "YOUR_ID" is your unique identification number and will be allocated by the Webring computer.

And this is what it looks like on the finished page except that your name will show as the site owner:

This White Rose Webring site owned by White Rose Home Page.
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"Copy and Paste"
(i) use your mouse to highlight the code in the e-mail that you were sent by the webring (left click the mouse at the top of the code fragment and do not release while drawing the cursor down over the code).
(ii) copy the code (right click the mouse over the highlighted blue code and select 'copy' from the pop-up menu).
(iii) Go to your HTML program and left click at the position in your page where you want to place White Rose Webring code, then right click and select 'paste' from the pop-up menu.

(3) Save these additions to your page and upload them to your server so that your pages can be reviewed and added to the ring. (The HTML must be on your page before it will be added to the ring.) Don't forget to email White Rose (quoting your ID number) to let us know that your html is in place, and you're ready to be added to the ring! =)

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